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We don’t focus on a particular brand, but on what is accessible and locally available with vendors, upon collection of sufficient funds. So far, we have looked at German and American refurbished and used ventilators. They are affordable and fulfill all the required specifications.

We run the specs of potential vents in the market through experienced respiratory therapists and doctors daily before purchasing them to ensure optimum efficiency while treating Covid-19 patients. Our aim is to buy a vent that can work on pediatric and adult populations and work in severe ARDS. With the current world shortage and the price hikes, our team is working day and night to find affordable, yet good ventilators which will serve their true purpose of saving life in the critical care setting So far, we have looked at German and American refurbished and used ventilators (As they are affordable and fulfill all the specifications, we require for them to work. Our team personally checks these ventilators before buying them for quality assurance.

The cost varies from Rs.800,000 to Rs.1,100,000. It all depends on the availability. Since this is a small project and funds can be limited, as soon as we collect around Rs. 700,000 we start contacting vendors and buy good and inspected vents. We can’t procure them in advance as our funds are limited and vendors ask for advance payments.

Once we have secured enough funds and the right ventilator, it goes to the hospitals where it is most required. We personally check these hospitals before donating. Pictures of the vent and hospital are posted after donation. We wish to deliver to every province of Pakistan.

Send us a message on any of our Social Media accounts and we shall do our best to prioritize your request.

We value every rupee trusted to us from our supporters and work tireless to ensure it goes in the right hands. We also have records of every donation and will ensure full and complete transparency.

It is simply not feasible. There is an emergency every second so keeping a vent in stock does not seem ethical. This vent should be at a hospital as now almost all hospitals need them at all times. Secondly, a vent is not easy to set up. It requires trained staff plus a hospital needs nursing etc. So even if we produce a vent, the hospital can’t instantly start using it.

After our project gets more support, we will work on securing more equipment required to fight this pandemic including PPEs and other medical equipment. This will depend on the funds we secure from our donators.

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