Perhaps our most important duty as an organization is to strengthen the existing healthcare system of Pakistan against this pandemic by buying ventilators and other medical equipment for the hospitals of Pakistan. Due to the immediate and high demand, we purchase refurbished ventilators since we can buy three of these in the price of one new ventilator. However, these are tested thoroughly before purchase. Uptil now, we have donated 7 ventilators, all thanks to your generous donations and contributions.



Ventilator 1

Donated to Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi


Ventilator 2

Donated to Ayub Medical Hospital, Abbottabad

Ventilator 3

Donated to Saidu Group of Teaching Hospitals

Ventilator 4

Donated to Civil Hospital Karachi

Ventilator 5

Donated to Government General Hospital, Faisalabad

Ventilator 6

Donated to Institue of Medical Sciences, Islamabad